Our extra virgin olive oil is born from the passion for our territory and nature. We have 500 olive trees that we take care of with harmony and synergy towards the environment. When nature helps us, it can reward our efforts and our dedication with 800 liters sometimes even 1000 liters of oil.

It is the flagship product of the company. All the production, followed with care and dedication by the owners of the company, the Satti brothers, follows precise and indispensable rules aimed at producing a product of the highest quality. A constant production cannot be guaranteed as the product follows the succession of climatic conditions, so in some years it can even halve.

In the care of the olive grove herbicides are absolutely not used, and therefore all the activity is done by hand and with work equipment. Once the right maturation is reached, the olives are harvested by hand and rigorously sent to the crushing within a maximum of 15/16 days.

The result is an immediately drinkable oil, with low acidity, of a beautiful golden color that is highly appreciated. It is marketed under the label “Oro di Lucca”.

The cultivation of oil, since ancient times, has characterized Lucca’s Provincia: just think that around the middle of the Fifteenth century, oil was defined as “one of the assets necessary for human life” and in a treatise on olive growing in the Nineteenth century it is counted that “the oils that are celebrated for their finesse are those of LUCCA which have a great reputation abroad. These are accompanied by almost all the other oils that are obtained from the Tuscany Region”.

Characteristics: total acidity, expressed in oleic acid, not higher than 0.5 grams per 100 grams of olive.

Color: yellow with more or less intense green tones.

Smell: light to medium fruity olive.

Taste: sweet with spicy and bitter sensation linked to the intensity of the fruitiness detected;Conservation: 14-20 degrees centigrees far from heat sources.

EC recognition: protected designation of origin (PDO/DOP), EC Reg. No. 1845/04 (22 October 2004), text taken from “How to taste olive oil” by P. Micheletti – Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore.

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